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Brightline’s Brightline Train is Moving the Sunshine State Into the Future

It’s coming, full-speed ahead: a quick and efficient method of travel between Florida’s top destinations. Brightline is the country’s first privately owned, operated and maintained passenger rail service. This intercity ride will connect Orlando and Miami with intermediate stations in West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale.

In about three hours, you can travel from Orlando to Miami. With about 4 MSF of transit-based development, Brightline’s Brightline train is connecting the sunshine state in the most efficient way. Welcome to the future of travel.

Brightline Features

For the 50 million travelers who drive or fly between South Florida and Orlando, Brightline will provide a superior way to travel. Passengers will enjoy:

  • Comfort — Brightline Brightline trains have been designed for the ultimate amount of comfort.
  • Modern conveniences — Passengers will have access to a range of amenities, from ample luggage space to Wi-Fi.
  • Nourishing, tasty meals and beverages — When you ride on a Brightline train, you can enjoy food and beverage options.
  • An easy-to-use online reservation — Booking your ride on a Brightline train will be simple and quick.

How Brightline Benefits the State

Not only will Brightline revolutionize transportation, but it will also have a strong positive impact on the state. These benefits include:

  • Nearly 10,000 new jobs — During the course of construction, new jobs will be created with zero funding from taxpayers.
  • A greener future — Brightline will take three million vehicles off the roads, reducing the state’s carbon footprint and pollution in urban areas.
  • Small business growth and new jobs — Stations placed in downtown areas will be key parts of growth and revitalization in these areas.
  • Streamlined transportation — By reducing congestion on highways and airport terminals, Brightline will make traveling in Florida easier and more efficient.

Brightline Routes

Passengers will be able to use Brightline in 2017. When this service begins, it will mark a new era of convenient, efficient and affordable transportation for both tourists and locals. The Brightline map connects Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Orlando, with passenger trains running hourly throughout the day. Stations include:


MiamiCentral will be located at NW 1st Avenue between NW 3rd Street and NW 8th Street. In addition to MiamiCentral station, there will also be a gateway complex in historic Overtown — 3 MiamiCentral. Located at the corner of NW 2nd Avenue and NW 6th Street, this two-acre mixed-use development will offer retail, commercial and parking space.

By connecting with public transit systems already in place, MiamiCentral takes advantage of existing infrastructure. With access through a new terminal, MiamiCentral will provide a direct link to entertainment in and around downtown Miami. It may also lead to new commercial, retail and residential growth.

Fort Lauderdale

The Fort Lauderdale station will be located at NW 2nd Avenue, between Broward Boulevard and NW 4th Street. Providing a new access point into Broward County and the city, it will help cement Fort Lauderdale’s reputation as the “City of Tomorrow.”

This 60,000-square-foot station and platform will offer a contemporary, multi-story lobby as well as parking facilities and an elevated lounge area for travelers. Connecting to Broward County Transit System, Sun Trolley, the planned Tri-Rail station and the future Wave Streetcar, Fort Lauderdale station is expected to bring growth to this area. It will provide direct access to shopping, cultural and economic destinations.

West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach station will be located between S. Rosemary and S. Quadrille, east and west, and between Datura Street and Evernia Street, north and south. By connecting with the area’s existing transportation networks — including trolley, vehicular and pedestrian — this station will establish links to the Amtrack West Palm Beach Station and the Tri-Rail. The end result will be a new transportation hub for the entire West Palm Beach area.

Nestled in the cultural heart of downtown West Palm Beach, this 60,000-square-foot future station and platform will be perfectly positioned with Clematis Street and the government center district to the north, and the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts and CityPlace to the south.

Orlando Station

This future station will be located in Orlando International Airport, its South Intermodal Facility (ITF). It will provide direct access to theme parks, shopping and attractions.

It will connect you to ground transportation, rental cars and future connections to the Central Florida commuter rail system and SunRail. It will also feature an Automated People Mover connecting to the North Terminal.

Learn more about Brightline and Brightline, an exciting new way to travel in Florida.

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